Prices as of April 1, 2019. Subject to change without notice.

Wet Slips

  • Cats and Tris contact marina for rate

  • Monthly: $7.00/foot

  • $30./mo electric plus $50./mo per A/C

  • Extra Car Park $1.00/day

Haul in/out

  • Cats and Tris haul and launch contact marina for rate

  • haul out/in: $3.00/foot

  • 30' minimum charge 16'9" to 26' beam

  • Pressure washing $2.00/foot

Storage Yard

  • $4.00/foot, 16' beam 30 foot minimum length

  • 4 stands or block combo $1.00/foot 

  • $6.00/foot over 16' - 20' beam

  • $8.00/foot over 20' - 24' beam

  • over 24' contact the marina for pricing

  • Cats and Tri-hull stands $2.00/foot

  • 3 month minimum term, paid quarterly

  • 25' boat on trailer $50.00/month

  • over 25' boat on trailer $75.00/month

  • empty boat trailers $2.00/foot

  • Vehicles $25.00 per month

  • RV or utility trailer $2.00/foot

Work Yard

  • $17.00/day for two people

  • (includes 24 hour access to boat, non potable water, 110 electric)

  • $15.00 one time charge per tarp

  • $50.00/month for  each A/C

  • Extra person $2.00/day

  • re-blocking with lift $60.00

  • Stand move $20.00

  • Bring your own ladder

  • Rent or bring your own tarps

Outside Contractors

  • Must report to office

  • Provide proof of insurance

  • $20.00 /day charged to boat owner at the discretion of the Marina owner.


  • Crane $50.00/hour, 1 hour minimum charge

  • Vacuum Sander with bag: $20.00/day

  • Sanding shades $10.00/day

Marina Policy

  • Tarps required when painting, sanding or grinding.

  • Vacuum recovery system must be used for sanding.

  • No pressure washing or spray painting in work area.

  • Sand blasting in designated area only.

  • You must report to office before boarding your boat or any boat in storage area.

  • All bills are paid in full with; Visa, Mastercard or cash, prior to launching.

  • We require a $1000.00 cash deposit for all Wood and Steel hull boats, refundable upon launch.

  • Anyone caught taking unauthorized items will be removed from the premises.

  • Not responsible for accidents or injury while on the premises.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service or accommodation to any vessel.

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